Resource Coring

Resource Coring

Forged Drill Co. owns a fleet of 9 resource coring rigs and employees 145 crew members and supervisor to deliver coring projects in the Fort McMurray and Fort McKay region.

We have state-of-the-art support equipment to deliver safe, reliable and consistent wireline coring drilling programs. All nine coring rigs are engineered to an exact standard.

Each set up is mounted on wheels to allow for faster moves between lease locations.

They are all built with:

  • Hydraulic catwalks
  • Hydraulic rig floors
  • Hydraulic stairs
  • Electric mix pumps
  • EDR’s
  • Equipped with float tires to reduce ground pressure and move about in challenging or soft terrain

We can drill in both open-pit and SAGD oil sand operations. We have the capacity (equipment and people) to complete projects that call for up to 600 core holes in a single season.